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The Ideal Solution For Every Level of a Performance-Driven Organization



Challenge: Executive teams are not only responsible for creating strategic initiatives, but also finding ways to align and empower the entire organization around their goals. Executives are challenged with driving the organization into the future and protecting its bottom line.

Solution: By consolidating all your data into one place, IGXITE creates a single version of the truth for everyone to follow. This critical information is easily and securely distributed without compromising your corporate data governance. User-based access and permissions allow team members to create their own customized workspaces and dashboards with the information needed to meet and exceed corporate goals.

Igxite Solutions for FInance


Challenge: The finance team is tasked with creating accurate and timely reports that adhere to internal and external compliance and regulations. Today’s financial reporting process can involve excessive manual manipulations that are time consuming and susceptible to errors.

Solution: Take the pain out of monthly reporting and budgeting by automating the process. IGXITE significantly reduces the time from close to disclose by automatically pulling the necessary information to run customizable reports. Automation also removes common errors associated with manual data entry. Self-service access to security controlled granular information frees the team to focus on other strategic goals.

Igxite soutions for marketing


Challenge: Marketing professionals need to consistently capture massive amounts of real-time, accurate customer intelligence information in order to get a thorough understanding of the market and create effective marketing strategies. With so much data from various platforms, organizing and analyzing the information becomes a challenge.

Solution: IGXITE’s dynamic dashboard pulls all the information from disparate sources into one central location for quick and easy analysis and improved data management. Conveniently manage your campaigns and performance to better understand what provides the best ROI and drives revenue. Having the latest data consistently at your fingertips increases your agility as well as your ability to anticipate change, ultimately creating a stronger brand.


Challenge: Sales teams have a consistent appetite for more data to be used to accurately score leads, create pipeline projections, analyze lead conversion rates, calculate daily activity rates, and more. With so much information to gather and interpret, it’s difficult to maintain and distribute an accurate set of KPIs across all levels.

Solution: IGXITE allows you to create corporate and personalized dashboards to provide a real-time view of the latest critical sales activity and commission reports so everyone from sales executives to sales representatives knows exactly where they stand in terms of achieving their monthly revenue goals.


Challenge: The operations department is responsible for executing the company’s strategic vision and discovering the best ways to communicate initiatives throughout the entire organization. Massive amounts of information from multiple sources and functions are required to monitor and optimize operations efficiently.

Solution: IGXITE consolidates the operational intelligence from all your internal and external business systems so all your teams can act on the same data and easily communicate across your organization. Depending on the role, standard and customizable dashboards are provided so each user is able to easily compare their own performance to the organization’s strategic initiatives.

Igxite solutions for IT & BI


Challenge: IT/BI departments are in charge of managing volumes of data with limited time and resources. They are regularly tasked with creating and distributing reports across the entire enterprise, as well as completing highly specialized independent projects, making efficiency and security extremely challenging.

Solution: With IGXITE you can automate the creation and distribution of your regular daily, weekly, monthly, and annual reports. Our intuitive and user-friendly workspaces and dashboards provide real-time visibility and user-based security permissions. Leverage the power of IGXITE to get the right information to the right people at the right time at the fraction of the current effort.

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