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Intelligence Center

IGXITE Intelligence Center automates the collection of information from all your data sources into customizable workspaces and alerts.


Designed from the ground up to be user-friendly and ensure maximum user adoption.


Frees your teams from the time-consuming tasks of creating and distributing reports allowing you to focus on your core business with unified and accurate information.


User-based permissions and access ensures compliance with corporate governance.

Intelligence Center Dashboard

Real-Time Data

React quickly to your organization’s data by always having access to the most relevant and actionable information.


Drag and drop to create your own workspaces, dashboards and data visualizations.


Create alerts to notify you of critical events that may need immediate action. Receive notifications through your dashboard, text and email.

Empower your team and get them moving in the same strategic direction.

Role-based Workspaces, Boards and Charts.

IGXITE Intelligence Center features

"We were looking for a powerful, industry-leading and cutting edge business intelligence (BI) front end for our Enterprise Distributor Business System. Partnering with IGXITE allows us to do exactly that. We are now jointly providing the leading business system and BI integrated solution for our mutual clients."

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